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Deductions for travel:  

 This deduction is allowed for travel by own car and to and from work. The deductible
 amount is 18.50 SEK per swedish mile. Limit to travel between home and work is 10 000 SEK.


 Skattereduktion för husarbeten medges med halva arbetskostnaden, högst 50 000 kr.

Rutdeduction - cleaning, maintenance, laundry

 You get up to 50 000 SEK in tax. Are you two become maxdeduction 100 000 SEK. However, the  deduction  may never be greater than the amount you must pay the final tax.

Grundavdrag ( basic deduction)

 Grundavdraget ( basic decuction) is the lowest level at which you start paying the income tax.
 For 2014 the "grundavdraget" is 18 800 SEK and the highest level is 34 200 SEK.

Deductions from sales of condominium - link skatteverket


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