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Taxes on capital income:  

 Income from capital 30%

 Return Tax on Capital Insurance / Investment Savings Account (30%) och pensionssparande (15%)  flat-rate basis on the value of saving, and with the guidance of the government borrowing rate.
 The return on savings is taxed in the capital income categoryl.

 Assets in an Investment Savings Account are taxed at an annual fixed tax of 30 percent.
 The tax is levied on a capital base that is multiplied with the government borrowing rate.
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State income tax:

 State tax payable on taxable income up to 420 800 SEK.
 On taxable earned income between 420 800 SEK and 602 600 SEK, the state tax 20%.
 On taxable income in excess of 602 600 SEK is the state income tax of 25%.

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